A few things:

  • I am a groundwater geologist by day and I run my photography business by evening and weekend. I've been a professional geologist and a professional photographer at different times in my life, and when I'm doing only one I long for the other. So I want to do both. These are things I love, and I'm grateful to be doing them.
  • My creative method is not one of haste and bustle, in fact it's quite the opposite.
  • I believe in the value and importance of all stories within our collective humanity, whether they be quotidian or extraordinary.
  • I believe in spending hard-earned money where it will propagate the most good in the world.
  • I don't conform to a particular style, aesthetic, or theme and use different cameras, film stocks, and lenses for all of my commissions. Life, business, science, and art are not static...why should my work be?


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I create images for


...small businesses & their products / services




...tradesmen / tradeswomen


...life events




...fun, because it brings me joy.