ABOUT meet Tatiana

Hello there! Welcome to my unadorned online home. Come on in and let's get acquainted. 


You’re here because you’ve been looking for something uniquethe perfect blend of art and documentation. You need someone who understands that you may be a bit uneasy in front of a camera, who can tease out your truth and deliver it genuinely through photographs. You need someone who puts you at ease, who won't pose you but will guide you gently when you're not sure what to do. You’re here because you’re not interested in trendsyou’re inspired by creativity. You’re here because you want someone to document you unequivocally as you celebrate your great lovethe unruly details and ethereal atmosphere on your wedding day.

You’re here because you need an artist who relates to your process as a creative, who can share your story authentically and candidly through images.

You’re here because you want your loved ones documented in a way that means the mosthonestly, with careful attention paid to the uninhibited laughter and spontaneous moments wrapped up in time. You’re here because you want the splendor of your life curated with taste and a careful eye, and you want to look back on it for ages to come.

Good news, friend, you’ve come to the right place. Allow me to introduce myself…



I’m here because I’m not into trends, either. I’m awkward in front of a camera and understand the value of the perfect image that expresses one’s true nature. My home is behind the lens. I’m here because I revel in the details and the vast richness of your life. Whether it’s your wedding day, a day working in your craft, or essential time spent with family, I carry my cameras through these important milestones with humility, curiosity, and compassion. The imagery I create is a testimony of who you are right nowa vivid and artistic recount of the events of your life, plucked from the endless fabric of time and woven into a tangible gift. I’m proud to offer you my unique, documentary-style photographs with an emphasis on style, character, and the radiance of the every day.

This is Lucas... ...my love, life adventure partner, and the best part of my days. He's the neat-freak of the house, the moto enthusiast, and can pack a truck bed like nobody's business. He's the mechanically-inclined one who keeps all of our beloved old stuff runnin' smooth.
This is Junebug (Bug) ... ...our adopted red heeler pup who loves running alongside on mountain bike rides, scrambling through boulder fields, and romping in fresh powder. We rarely leave home without her, and as you've probably guessed, she's spoiled as hell.
This is me ... ...the creative and dreamer in the house. I have a knack for keeping a positive outlook even when everything is going to shit. As the designated rock nerd, navigator and snack packer (eater), I take my jobs very seriously.
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