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Friends. IT’S ALMOST FALL. The nights are getting cooler and the aspens in my back pasture are just barely showing some gold. I love everything about fall – the colors, the smells, the clothes we get to wear…mostly I love to be outside as much as humanly possible during this time of year. It feels celebratory…like the winding down of a great summer adventure where we get to reflect on all the goodness in our lives. Everyone is slowly getting back into a routine…school is starting, pools are closing…everyone is squeezing in the last few camping trips before the snow starts to fly. It’s also one of the busiest times of year for photos since the colors are amazing and holiday cards are just around the corner.

HOLIDAY CARDS!? I know I know, how can we even think about the holidays? I’m not, really, BUT this is an awesome time to get photos of the people you love. Some of you might be getting overwhelmed even thinking about family photos…but STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. You guys, they are SO easy. I would go so far as to say that they’re FUN. I said it. It’s all a matter of perspective :). I jotted down 3 tips that will make your photos so much fun you’ll want to do them every year.



Please don’t dress everyone up, load them in the car, and drive them two hours to stand in front of a mountain background. This isn’t very fun for anyone, and trust me…it will show. The key to awesome photos is doing something together that you genuinely enjoy. Nobody wants to look back on a photo and remember how miserable they were…you want to look back on a photo and not only LOVE the photograph, but also love the MEMORY that goes with it! Does your family love to take walks? Go for a hike! Do you take an annual camping trip to a favorite local spot? Get photos on this trip! Do you have backyard BBQ’s? Have a favorite swing at the park? Go to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday? This is the stuff of life…the good stuff. Maybe you love to have dinner together with family every Sunday night. Or maybe you go for bike rides or to the museum. Do you make breakfast together on Saturday mornings? Do you spend the weekends at the lake? Maybe you love to stay home and pick veggies in your garden or feed the chickens. I could go on and on with examples of great photo opportunities that are so relaxed you won’t even think of them as “getting photos.” Have a backyard or in-house session doing all the things that you normally love to do, or just have me along for a normal camping trip or adventure outing. It’s so so easy, I promise. And guess what? The photos will be fantastic. This is because you’ll be comfortable and relaxed. You’ll be doing something you enjoy, and you won’t be posed, trying to squeeze out just one more smile for the camera.

Side Note* All the photos in this blog post are of my sweet friends who came out to our house on a mini-vacation from Nebraska for their little guy’s first birthday. LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE. That’s because we’re hanging out in the back yard, their little guy is munching on Cheetos and we’re all goofing around. That’s it guys. Just enjoying a gorgeous summer day playing outside and making poop jokes.*



This might seem like a no-brainer but it’s TRUE. Wear your favorite clothes for photos. Comfort is key, not how well you “match.” Bringing your personal style and personality to your photos is the hot ticket. It is true that solid colors typically photograph nicer than wild and crazy patterns, but you know what? If you’re a wild a crazy person, go for it! I won’t be lining you up roll-call style and taking photos. I’ll be documenting you candidly, interacting with others and your surroundings and doing something you enjoy. One thing I will say is that oversized brand names can be distracting in photographs, so consider that when picking what to wear. Your “I went to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and all I got was this T-shirt” shirt probably isn’t the best choice…but now that I say that, it could be cool and retro and show personal style perfectly. Maybe don’t wear your “SCHEELS” shirt. You know what I mean.



I get it, most of us aren’t used to being followed around by a photographer and having our lives documented. You might be wondering how you’re supposed to “act natural.” Don’t worry even a teensy little bit. I’m a pro at this…after all, it’s my job! Some people/families/couples/individuals are very comfortable in front of my lens, and need little guidance when it comes to snapping photos. Others are totally nervous in front of a camera and tend to be awkward. (This is the category I fall into.)  You guys, I know the feeling because I’m horrible in front of a camera. I need someone to tell me what to do…how to stand…where to go…I mean, just MAKE ME LOOK GOOD PLEASE! If that’s you, I get it. The truth is, you DO look good, and I will be able to see that and will guide you gently to create images you will love, all without over-posing you. You’ll never say “I hate photos of myself” again. I promise.

There you have it folks. It’s SO easy. And it’s SO much fun, seriously.


DROP ME A LINE so I can come hang out with you and your family, or you and your lover, or just YOU and we’ll have a great time and make some images you’ll love. Fall Mini Sessions are open for booking right MEOW and they are just half price…so that’s pretty darn sweet. 😉




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