summer in the pandemic | scenes from the little yellow house

When we lived in the foothills on a sprawling property I used to walk it every night. I loved watching the way the river changed through the seasons, how the cottonwood tree bridge eroded some of its bark each month, and how the high plains flora moved through its spectrum of color. Living in “town,” I am finding the same joys of walking every night. Being familiar with houses, yards, parks, favorite trees, favorite streets. How everything changes in certain light. My favorite house on the block shines a vibrant peach color around 7pm in the hottest month of summer. I failed to time it right until finally the summer light changed to fall, the sun angle dropped too low and now I’m waiting for the right moment on a hot night in 2021 to take that photograph. Being at home so much during the pandemic has had its challenges, but the gratitude I have for how easily we’re able to weather this storm (staying employed, staying healthy, access to nutritious food, clean water, etc.) far outweighs any of the hardship. I’m finding so much joy in the little oasis we’ve been carving out at home. Coffee in the backyard. Our haphazard garden squished alongside the house. Tending my vermicompost. Learning about Lucas’s various projects. Wrapping up my first semester of grad school, getting in a groove of working from home full time, and feeling inspired through the photo work I’ve been able to do over the past 8 months has me feeling pretty happily exhausted. That’s the best kind. Happy and tired at the same time. Cheers to the small joys, friends.

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